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We are very much still here. Certain products, TSS etc are available occasionally s please email for prices.


agm digital started in the UK in 1985 selling some of the first bits of really interesting and useful technology. It became quite a major retailer of some of the the first UK personal computer systems and communications products, portable phones as well as a broker of transatlantic text communications and other specialist niche market services and products.

1992 everything moved to Germany including the manufacturing of recording studio equipment, the MR1 microphone systems, ambisonic this and that as well as representing some of the most wonderful manufacturers of technology in the field of film, music, video, broadcast and live entertainment. We produced corporate and other video productions through the German based GmbH and our CEO (Mr. Morris) having always been a man of the classical music field, has managed his publishing and other productions through the company.

You may have noticed developments that were sold to companies such as DTS (the first DVD DTS encoding suite was by us) and other bits of technology that are still in use globally in production studios.

So what now? Well, we have always been realists and very flexible as our past bears witness. This year we change again. There is little point in maintaining a retail business, the margins are so low on generic products to make this only interesting for business models supported by companies who will buy markets, and do this much better than we can.

Now we specialise in getting a job done. If that involves representing a product, it is done through research of the market base (of which we have a lot of experience and maintain contact) and a careful placing of products to willing recipients for payment and mutual benefit.

It's as simple as that.

Please look back over the next months or drop us an email to be put on the list for news. We are looking for good things to supply to good people in a good way.

Alongside this you'll see an interest in old musical instruments. Why? It's simple, the CEO is a trained classical musician and he wants to see classical music sustained and if we can use our commercial background to help this, why not indeed?

We look forward to hearing from you.